DPR-11 doesn't like my hair

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So I shampooed, oil rinsed and deep conditioned my hair Wednesday night. As I was applying DPR-11, my hair was really soft. I even slept in it overnight as I always do my DC. But, when I washed it out the next morning and applied my other products, my hair dried hard and my scalp is itching like crazy :angry5:. I know that's gotta be the problem because it's the only thing I did differently to my hair. I so wanted it to work because of all the rave reviews it gets in here. I'm disappointed, but since it was only $6, I'm not broken hearted about it. Oh well, back to search for another DC.....:sad3:


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    Oh damn! Thanks for the review! I was going to Sally's tomorrow to buy this product. Now I'll leave it alone. I know its hit or miss with alot of people.
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    Im sorry u had a bad experience.. I love DPR... hmmm do you think the oil blocked some of the moisture absorption??
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    I'm not sure, but I really wanted to find a deep conditioner that I could purchase in store instead of online....I guess I'll either have to go back to using Aubrey Organics (which I love) or continue shopping online. :dontknow:

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    Nappy_Curly_Crown uses Elasta, maybe she'll chime in.
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    Do you recognize any ing. you could be sensitive to?
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    hippychic wrote: »
    Do you recognize any ing. you could be sensitive to?

    I just looked at the ingredients again earlier and offhand, there's nothing in there that I could be sensitive/allergic to. Not that I know of anyway.

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    okay now i had to come and join in on this one coz if u dont know already dpr11 is like literally the love of my life...

    when i use it i tend to use it on freshly co-washed hair and i follow it up with some shea butter whilst my hairs still wet....works everytime...

    maybe ur hair aint feelin it lol but give it another chance...atleast u know u can go back to ur AO

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    It didn't work for me either and I tried it several ways before I gave up on it....:angry3:

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