Austin TX stylist...great weaveologist ?

brownjaybrownjay Posts: 8Registered Users
Hi curlies...anyone know a great stylist in the greater Austin, TX area who specializes in weaving. I'm transitioning mostly with weave and would love to find someone who is really fab, can you recommend anyone ? You would not believe some of the bad experiences I've had with just finding someone online, in the phone book or picking up random business cards. I went to one place because they had a great website and the according to the site, they had a very busy shop....when I got there, it was a residence with one chair and the stylist literally ripped out my edges, all the time saying, it's just hurts because we're getting to the edges. Whew, Thankfully my hair has since recovered. I'm so glad I've found this site and the other curlies here are so supportive.

Thanks !

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