How to Rent a Negro

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Anyone read this by Damali Ayo? Anyone heard of it/heard it discussed?I saw her interviewed on CSPAN2.

Looks like it could be interesting -- sort of a tongue in cheek semi-autobio/cultural commentary on how the presence of African Americans in mainstream White culture hinder/help Whites. (This is the gist I got, anyway.)

Anyone? Worth buying?


  • msjokermsjoker Registered Users Posts: 1,658, I haven't read this...but I'm definitely intrigued.
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    Yes, I have read this! Damali is from Portland and is part of a theater group started by several of my ex-college classmates. All of her work that I've experienced has been simply great–most of it revolves around issues of race, gender, and class.

    She combines heady theories with a pop culture sensibility and theatrical panache. When she is traveling, she often panhandles for reparations. Some of her gallery shows have included attendees filling out a nametag at the door that says, "My race is..." One of her latest projects was getting input from a bunch of people, ultimately producing a booklet of five things individuals can do to end racism (called "I Can Fix It!"). Last fall, she also compiled suggestions for Halloween that would promote awareness of African American pioneers. She tends to have a lot of audience participation in her work.

    How to Rent a Negro is a great read. A deadly serious subject, written with great humor. I highly recommend it!

    You can also check her out on the web at
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    I haven't read her book. I first became aware of her through her website

    She also appeared on NPR a few months ago as a guest of Tom Ashbrook on On Point.
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