Transitioning styles?

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I am doing a long-term transition. About half of my a little past shoulder length hair is my natural 3b texture. The rest is straight and damaged from relaxers.

I've done research and experimented. My findings:
  • Straightening with heat and relaxers is not an option for me.
  • Braids and twists are just not for me. Idk why. I guess I just have a thing for having my hair loose so I can mess with it. Plus the two textures are still obvious when its braided or twisted.
  • Braidouts/Twistouts- the two textures just don't work with these for me.
  • Rollersets actually work. (still perfecting the technique though)
I hunger for variety:lol:! So, what other styles are there (besides the simple ponytail or bun- I am SO tired of those). And, how do you do them?
Any advice is so appreciated!!!!!


  • TennsTenns Posts: 40Registered Users
    I don't have 3b keast i don't think I do, but I can offer up some protective styles in general. You can try:

    Wearing hats
    French braid
    Half up/Half down style
    Half twist and clipping or pinning your hair back

    There are a host of protective styles you can try, its just finding the one that works best for you and your hair. Recently, I've just been pinning my hair back, leaving the top out and kinda of a cute messy look with side swept bangs. It works for me and I don't have to put any heat on it. Protective styles can be cute and functional, you just have to play around and find out what your hair can do and withstand.

    On a new hair growth challenge
    Hair type: Who knows???

    Learning something new everyday!

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