Rollersetting two-texture hair ADVICE PLZ!

mixedcurlz3mixedcurlz3 Posts: 6Registered Users
My hair: I've been transitioning since summer 08. My hair texture is 3b I think. I have about 5 inches of new growth (looks more like 3 cuz of shrinkage) and the rest which is damaged and straight from relaxing comes down to a little past my shoulders.

About the only thing that I have found to really work for me is rollersetting it. But, I'm still trying to perfect the technique.

I use Loreal's Melting Gel on wet conditioned hair before using those skinny bend-able rollers. Then I put it in a silk cap and go to sleep and take it out in the morning when its dry.
Sometimes it turns out almost perfectly. Sometimes, not so much.

Then there's the issue with maintaining it.

So, any advice? Know that is soooo appreciated!!!

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