Curly Girl handbook sale.

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Hey everyone, I have a copy of the curly girl handbook (A celebration of curls: how to cut them, care for them, love them, and set them free) by Lorraine Massey which i purchased after my big chop and got a few tips from that were quite helpful. I wanna pass it on to someone else since I have gained all the knowledge I can so far about curly hair from it. :icon_smile: It's still in great condition, i purchased it for 9.95 excluding taxes at barnes and and I would like to sell it for $12.00 including shipping, handling & confirmation. So, if you are interested it's yours on a first come first serve basis. I will ship it anywhere, no problem. Again, if you are interested, respond to this thread.
Thank you

Amazon let's you have a look inside (
strickly CG.
BCed Jan 27,07
I think my hair type is :pain10: 3c? 3b? eh 4a? hmm idk
My hair survives on;
Suave naturals
Herbal essences set me up gel
Amla powder
Other lovies; :laughing8:
[Vitamins, olive oil, honey, silk peptide powder,vitamin e oil]

Taken Feb 21,09


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    That's good! I'm thrilled to accept your proposal and I have already gained a lot of knowledge from it! Pallet Racking
  • laniseworkslaniseworks Posts: 170Registered Users
    nevermind- got one
    Chillin in Mali til 2011. Lets see how well my springies can handle the extreme heat


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