Where Are All The Wavies!!!

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This forum has been sooo quiet all have been having fabulous hair or very busy! :wink: :)
My hair is not the boss of me!!!!


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    It tends to be so slow in the 2C section that I barely check here anymore. And since I figured out better ways to make my hair not suck, I've been pretty much sticking to the NonHair and general discussion boards.

    Kinda sad, though... the boards for type 3 curlies are so lively!
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    Hi, I've been more to the "very busy" side of things.
    But I guess I'll pop back here more often :)
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    Utopiastars Yeah! :) That's so great. It's nice when something works for your hair,isn't is? Hope your success continues!

    mavica Please do pop in when you can! :)
    My hair is not the boss of me!!!!
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    I'm a wavy! O :P

    It's a shame these wavy forums are so dead. It's nice to have a place for us to to discuss our own unique problems, but nobody uses it. Come on spill! :P
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  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Posts: 31,258Registered Users's a wavy issue...

    Sometimes it seems like wavies are like the red-curly-headed stepchild. No one writes advice or makes products for us. We don't fit in with straighties, and we don't really fit in with curlies either. Yet...I think wavy 2C hair is the most difficult hair, because it usually can't be straightened, and we can't make it curlier. I've seen curlies with perfectly blow-dried straight hair. They have more options. Mine looks like a giant puff ball when I try to blow dry straight. Even pros can't blow mine straight. It's just so THICK and ENORMOUS.

    I want to be curlier...and I may actually be curlier. This is the first time in my life that I actually have spirals all around the bottom of my hair. I don't know if it has always been like this or if it's a new happening. I always combed my hair after washing and probably combed out all the curl, so I didn't even know I had curl. I think if I go a bit longer than my current shoulder length, my curls might find their groove. I'm hoping anyway.
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    I have hair like that. I could straighten it out, but no matter what I always get a nerdy flip at the ends like Marlo Thomas in That Girl. Yes I know I'm old :shock: . Since doing Curly Girl I've also been developing sausage curls at the ends of my shoulder length hair, and I also have thin spirals on either side of my face. My biggest challenge is that I practically have to keep myself handcuffed to keep from combing, because it looks messy :evil:. Part of it is a lousy 2 tiered layering a stylist saddled me with (she also thinned the back :( but I shouldn't complain because I stupidly let her do it. I agree that it is somewhat challenging to find what works as a wavy, but I'm not sure what we can do about it except keep talking about it here.
    I think the worst thing is the stylist issue - a good cut is vital yet if you are not actually a curly or a straightie no one know what to do with you.
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    I have a hard time not-brushing my hair too when it looks so messy. Sometimes I give in and try it, but it usually only makes it worse. I put all my brushes AWAY, OUT OF SIGHT, so that I at least have to think hard about it before I actually do it. I do have to comb my hair every day to get out the loose hairs, otherwise I'll be trailing hair all over town all day. I comb it in the shower with conditioner on it, and that's the only time.

    I need a new cut too. I have a TON of layers in my shoulder-length hair...part of my attempt to straighten and tame it. I'm trying to let them grow out. My goal is to have BSL hair with layers only a wee bit shorter than the length. The layers around my face are only to my chin, so I have a long way to go to grow them out. Another year at least. Sigh...

    So, in the meantime, I put a bunch of claw clips in the top while drying, trying to give some lift to the classic-flat-against-the-head-wavy-pattern, and let the rest of my hair wave and spiral. It's looking way better than it did when I started this journey in January. I'm not going back to blowdrying straight...I tried that for 20+ years and it never, ever worked.

    Oh, has anyone seen the new show on HBO, Big Love? Jean Tripplehorn has lovely wavy/curly's flat against the top and spirals below. I'm hoping mine will do that eventually. I can't find a good picture of her hair on the web, or I'd link it here.
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    I've been busy too:( And I agree, that we are often forgot about! Lately, I've been having probs with overconditioning/greasy hair:( How often do you guys use low poo or no poo? I don't know what is going on but my hair has been super oily, and I don't leave conditioner in it (I rinse it out in the shower, and only leave it in if my hair is snarled)....Any suggestions?
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    I guess I am a 3a wannabee, hoping that if I follow their posts (products routines ) I will miraculously be a 3A all over not just the few curls around my face
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    Being a wavy is complicated. For me the issue is resisting the urge to straighten my hair. I love my hair when it will go the way I want it to. But I have so many days when it just sits there. What's also hard is that there are really no products specific to wavy hair. It's either curly products or straight. I guess you could say that waves are curls to a lesser degree. It would be so nice to either be all the way curly or all the way straight. Right now I have the same problem with length as RedCatWaves. I have a tone of uneven layers that make my hair look frizzy. I must say that my hair has gotten better since I found this site. It's just so hard to be patient. I just wish I knew what works for curlies will also work for wavies.
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    I've been busy too:( And I agree, that we are often forgot about! Lately, I've been having probs with overconditioning/greasy hair:( How often do you guys use low poo or no poo? I don't know what is going on but my hair has been super oily, and I don't leave conditioner in it (I rinse it out in the shower, and only leave it in if my hair is snarled)....Any suggestions?

    I had that problem the first month-ish I was going No-Poo. I found that I really had to go NO-poo all the way, not just occasional shampoo or low-poo. I think I've found the right routine for me. I clean every day with Deva No-Poo, and condition with 1C. I rinse it all out. Once a week, I do an apple-cider vinegar wash (half ACV/half water) before I wash with No-poo. This gets out any residue or build-up. I'm very happy with how my hair is doing. I'm no longer oily, and I used to have a VERY VERY oily scalp (and dry ends).
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    My scalp has been feeling oilier lately too, but since Jan. I've only been using low-sulfate shampoo once a week or less, and I don't want to increase that now. So maybe your method would work for me, redcatwaves, to go totally no-poo. I've been thinking the oiliness is related to the warmer, more humid weather.
    As for combing, it makes my hair look neater but takes out the curl. With the rain lately my hair is separating into ringlets and I'm not wearing any styling products. So because its never been so curly I'm very reluctant to comb. No one has made remarks so far that I look like a witch, so I guess I'm okay.
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    I agree with all ya all...i'm feel like we're the Jan Brady of the hair world, wishing we were more like MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA. I have SERIOUS issues with knots at the based of my neck, though my canopy is flat flat flat!...I too had a two-level MULLET done by a complete idiot of a hairdresser which took me over 2 years to grow out (my hair grows very slow).

    I've been buying products like mad, though have yet to find the "perfect" product for me. Lately, I've been experimienting with making my own spray gel (angel + boiling water) though am unsure how far this will take me.
    One super problem I have is dry hair...I havent "washed" my hair in over 2 months, yet it's still dry as ever...haven't figured out how to fix that.

    Glad yer all here to yammer at.
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