Why does this happen?????Help!

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Hello everyone!
I have a question. Over the summer I recently went to Jamaica. (I'm jamaican!) Anyways I was looking at pictures last night just for fun and my hair looked ah-mazing! Not to brag! hahaha! Now the bizare thing about this is I barely put any products in it! Just garnier fructis no frizz serum. That was it! Though I've heard salt water does different things to peoples hair. Anyways I really want that hair again. Sigh. So heres kinda what m hair looked like in Jamaica... http://www.ayushveda.com/magazine/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/curly-hairs-models-300x284.gif
thats not me btw!! but my hair was a bit longer.
heres kinda what it looks like at home.
but bit curlier actually.

anyways any clue how I can get that great hair back and why it happened!
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    i think it looks nice both ways
    supposedly 2c/3a.
    very thick,almost waistlength hair when straight, but around midback length when curly.
    just a girl trying to figure her hair out /: lol.

    turned CG- 2/17/09
    wish me luck ;)

    2/27/09- taking a break from CG ... doing mod CG for a little to see the effects on my hair, so that i can compare and expiriment and see what my hair likes and doesnt like

    i havent found a good routine yet or any HG products.
  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Registered Users Posts: 214
    I think what happened was that there was more humidity in Jamaica. Do you live in a cold climate at home? Maybe that's the reason. I love both of the looks, though.

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