how do i get my wavy hair 2 b curly??

wavyprincesswavyprincess Registered Users Posts: 1
my hair is wavy/slightly curly...i want it alot more is there a product that will help me? or another fast way? i already use LM's way... its not making my hair plz? thx! :wav:


  • CurlyShrimpCurlyShrimp Registered Users Posts: 23
    If thats you in the avatar you are really pretty looove the wavy/ curly hair. Wish I had that.:lol:
  • aislinaislin Registered Users Posts: 864
    For me it's all about the routine and curl creams. For example, when I had longer hair, plopping was an absolute MUST to achieve curlier hair. Also, shampoo bars/acv honey rinses have helped me tremendously! Other than that, it really just kind of depends on how your hair responds to certain products. A lot of wavies look for "lighter" products to use. Unfortunately it's really a trial and error process.
    Wurly, fine, thin, moderately to heavily porous. Mod CG.

  • chocolate_loverchocolate_lover Registered Users Posts: 42
    your hair look beautiful already!

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