My FauxHawk

zanii0506zanii0506 Posts: 176Registered Users
i've been wearing this style as opposed to my usual rodset. my stylist did it about 2 weeks ago and i'm very impressed w/ how long it lasts! i think this will be my staple style until my BC in may.

originally she did it w/ a pump in the front, but i decided to remix it b/c i had a date this weekend. the results were awesome, so i did it again last night to wear to work today.




  • littleamazonlittleamazon Posts: 71Registered Users
    I am crazy about faux-hawks! I've been looking for some amzing fauxhawk pictures for inspiration. Yours is so cool. I love the little curls up top. If I had my hair out of braids I would wear a faux hawk everyday. Everyday.
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  • zanii0506zanii0506 Posts: 176Registered Users
    thanks...i'm in love with them now myself!
  • preddy_blakkpreddy_blakk Posts: 39Registered Users
    very pretty, love the curls! i might have to try this while i'm transitioning,lol. (btw love ur tattoo also!)


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  • zanii0506zanii0506 Posts: 176Registered Users
    thanks preddy!
  • longJurneelongJurnee Posts: 6Registered Users
    wooow i love this look im quite impressed... howd you do it?? pins possibly?

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  • zanii0506zanii0506 Posts: 176Registered Users
    yes...w/ small bobby pins. i pulled the sides of my hair back and but about 4 bobby pins on each side for the mohwak effect
  • DivaGyrlDivaGyrl Posts: 84Registered Users
    Very cute! I can't wait until my hair is long enough for a (afro) faux-hawk.
  • blessedhimeblessedhime Posts: 1,458Registered Users
    I'm loving this style on you. :happy10:
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  • PaunchyPaunchy Posts: 17Registered Users
    i tried the fauxhawk too. but i used an old banana clip i found in my room


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