HELP! Straightening Natural Hair!

Okay! here is the problem I want to strighten my hair, not with relaxer, but with a strighten iron, I need to know if anyone know any product that will keep my hair straight because I live in miami and my hair frizzes quickly because of the the high humity, please do anyone know any good chemicals to put on before or after when it comes to strighten natural hair also what brand of straighten iron should I use, or would a hot comb work better. please give and suggestions
thanks Pat
P.S my profile pic is my hair's current state


  • MissKinkyCoilyMissKinkyCoily Registered Users Posts: 827
    Try Sabino Moisture Block. Its good for fighting humidity and heat damage. (You can read more about it here:

    Even though a hot comb will get it as straight as possible, I recommend that you use a flat iron instead. Get a ceramic flat iron because they are less damaging and your hair will look great.

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  • Haitian_for_LifeHaitian_for_Life Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thank you so much, I'm definitly going to try it THANK YOU!
  • PJsMomPJsMom Registered Users Posts: 173
    I definitely agree with the earlier post...try the Sabino, a good blow dryer and a good flat iron. I would even suggest a decent thermal protectant...I use Nexxus Memory Sleek...I think you can get some much better results.

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  • aislinaislin Registered Users Posts: 864
    Thank you so much, I'm definitly going to try it THANK YOU!

    You can always order a sample for free through the Sabino website if you're unsure (the bigger product is kinda expensive I found)- I got two of them, with absolutely no cost to me to try.
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  • E.B.E.B. Registered Users Posts: 158
    Same here. They sent me 2 samples after I sent them an e-mail.

    I have an FHI Platform flat iron that works great.

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