Texturizer for European hair?

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Let me start by introducing myself. I've been lurking for a while, poo-free for years and anti brush for even longer. I'm 32 and have finally accepted my curls, or at least I thought I had.

Four years ago I gave birth, with all of the wonderful hormonal changes that go along with that. So, I waited for my hair to go back the way it was. It hasn't and I hate it.

I can't get the defined curls I used to, but I can't blow dry my hari straight either. I'm stuck in some horrible in between world that is making me look into other options.

Any curly white girls try a texturizer? I'm thinking it might be a good option for me because I still want my curls, but not all of the frizz I'm experiencing today. I would also love to be able to wear my hair straight every now and then.

3a/3b shoulder-length mousy brown hair
No-poo since 2004
CG since 2009

Feb 2009: considering a texturizer to loosen these curls a bit.

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