hair wavier/curlier after pregnancy

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Hello, I'm new to this site. I just had my third baby and I'm finding that my hair has become wavier. Is this part of the hormones and will my hair become straighter once I am finished breastfeeding? I have been reading all the info on CG and am starting to try it. I'm actuallly getting ringlets up near the roots. Since my hair is still falling out I am beginning to wonder if this is because the newer hair is actually healthier.

Maybe I have actually always had wavy hair but didn't know it because I was damaging it with products and blowdrying?

Thanks for all the info on products and styling. I'm experimenting right now trying to find what works.
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    It's actually quite a common occurrence for hair to become suddenly wavy/curly after pregnancy. I personally know 2 women it happened to. One became wavy (about a 2b), one became a corkscrew curly (about a 3b).
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    That happened to me too. After my daughter was born my straight hair turned wavy, about a 2a, but I was living in VA so I didn't think much of it, figured it had something to do with the humidity. I could still blowdry it straight with no problems. I moved back to CA and had my son a few months later and then came the waves. I am now a very firm 2c. I straightened for 5 years after that because I didn't know what to do with my curly hair. Congrats on you on your new baby and your new wavy hair!
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    YES, my hair became a lot wavier after pregnancy. To be honest, up until 3 days ago (when i started CG) I never knew i had THIS much curl/wave.
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    This is definitely the case with me. Prior to having children, I only have 1 wave in my hair (aggravating since I wore my hair straight/ in a bob cut). After my 2nd son, I didn't really notice it until my hairstylist commented on how much more wavy it was and that I should try working with that. I have kept the same hair cut, added a few more layers and I have quite a bit of curl. I love it and hope that the curls stay. I used to flat iron lightly each day and I've put appliance away for good. This website has been tremendously helpful in learning how to care for my 'new' hair.
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    My mom always blames her crazy hair on us kids! :laughing6:
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    I think I had the opposite happen to me. I went from a 3b to a 2c/3a. I might even be more of a 2c now but I'm in a bit of a denial about it. It's been almost two years after having my 2nd child and the 3b curls still haven't returned.
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    My hair got wavier and it's stayed wavier..and my daughter is 6 now!
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    I'm a stylist.

    Hormones do crazy things to our hair. Yes, it's common for your hair to change when you're pregnant and after. It can either go curlier (like me and so many others here) or straighter. There's no way to predict if it will change back or's just a wait and see thing.

    Either way, changes like that are normal anyway.

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    wxgirlcurl wrote: »
    I think I had the opposite happen to me. I went from a 3b to a 2c/3a. I might even be more of a 2c now but I'm in a bit of a denial about it. It's been almost two years after having my 2nd child and the 3b curls still haven't returned.

    Me too! I went from solid 3b to mostly 3a with some 2c and my youngest is about to turn 3. It makes sense though bc my hair turned curly at puberty and changed during pregnancy so hormones definitely affect our hair.
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