Dirty Hair anyone?

pizazzpizazz Registered Users Posts: 239
I notice when I was relaxed I actually liked the way my hair looked the closer I got to my wash day, but now that I'm natural, when my hair's dirty, I'm finding more and more that my curls are stringy and less uniform; when I say dirty, I mean using lots of products, but still only washing 1x weekly. I wash 1x/week, but I cond. wash daily(I don't get 2nd day hair). But I only used Elucence shampoo or baby shampoo

Does anyone find that your hair performs so much better when it's just washed?


  • DocDoc Registered Users Posts: 367
    absolutely! There's no comparison between the look and overall feel of my hair freshly washed vs after several days of product buildup.

    This is only an issue when wearing my hair out; when it's in a protective style, I don't mind applying moisturizing products daily until I take the style down
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    I prefer my hair freshly washed as well! I agree with OP that when my hair was relaxed, it looked better when it was closer to wash day, but now, I can't stand not washing my hair for more than two days!
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    I rinse/wash everyday and I love the way my hair looks. I also like grabbing my hair and smelling it, but I'm just weird like that, LOL.
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  • pizazzpizazz Registered Users Posts: 239
    So glad for your responses and now I don't feel like an outcast for washing as often as I do. I think as long as you put the moisture back in after washing it's no harm...
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    Yup...I wash twice a week with ABBA moisture scentsation.

    I REALLY think Lorraine Massey needs to ease up on her anti-shampoo tirades
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    When I straightend my hair the other day it drove me crazy not to wash it. Dont feel bad for washing your hair. If it works for you then do it. I wash almost everyday with Elucence shampoo and love it. you do whats right for your hair!
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    That's a relief!! I don't use a lot of products on my hair, just gel and a leave in, but since chopping I've had to rinse with conditioner at least 4 times a week. I jog pretty heavy (sweating like a horse, hair dripping wet) 3-4 times a week, so my hair feels nasty if I don't at least rinse with conditioner. I shampoo and condition once or twice a week. I've only been natural a week, but my hair is loving this routine.

    Segue: Will my hair become overconditioned with this routine?
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  • bubbles76bubbles76 Registered Users Posts: 288
    Oops!! Double post.
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    Big Chop April 23, 2006

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