Need help in Sydney, Australia

Ok, I will admit I'm a complete newbie to this stuff. I've been a 2B-C forever and had never heard of the no-shampooing revolution until just today. I've been frustrated as I just moved to Sydney, Australia from upstate New York last week, and my hair has looked like a bad wig since I stepped off the plane. Oh, the humidity! At home I can step out of the shower, put in some leave-in conditioner, and generally it will dry in waves to ringlets and look decent. Here it just gets HUGE.

I have been seriously considering thermal reconditioning after 9 days of gelling my hair to my head or drying and flat-ironing after every shower, but I'm willing to try this "low-poo" thing first.

Can anyone recommend good places to find curl-friendly products such as the ones listed on this site in Sydney?



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