What should I do diffrent with dd hair in Summer?

jadenallanjadenallan Registered Users Posts: 19
Is there something that I need to watch out for or to do to make/keep her hair healthy?
Right now I have the fuzzy duck shampoo, condish and spray for after.
And I also have A Milky coco cream which smells really good.
Im not washing her hair as much, but using condish every 2 days. I spray her hair everyday.


  • CurlilocsCurlilocs Registered Users Posts: 821
    I don't really switch up my routine according to season because I am always trying new things. The only thing I look for in the summer are products with UV protection, especially since I tend to be outside more.
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  • spiral-ncspiral-nc Registered Users Posts: 716
    How is your daughter's hair doing? Your routine sounds good. If it's working, I would keep it the same.
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  • jadenallanjadenallan Registered Users Posts: 19
    I think it is going a lot better then when I first asked help on these boards. Im still learning but so far im seeing a big diffrence. Plus having the right kind of supplies dd likes because I don't have to fight with her to sit still.

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