Almost done transitioning... now what :)

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I'm new here and I have a couple of questions~~~~

I relaxed my hair for the first time when I was six years old because apparently my mother could not handle my kinky hair... so I basically felt fake for about nine or ten years. I tried to stop relaxing my hair when I was twelve or thirteen but had to do it again because I looked really bad and that wasn't good for my nonexistent pre-teen self-esteem and because my hair stylist was constantly telling me to relax my hair again (I guess she didn't want to use her energy blow drying my hair).

I relaxed my hair for the last time (I think) on July 2006 after telling my mom like a zillion times that it was time to touch up my roots. While my mom continued to ignore my aesthetic needs, I went to the hair salon and one of the stylers asked me if I was going natural...
and then a spark ignited :tongue:

I haven't since (2 1/2 years) made my hair suffer with relaxers but I refused to have drastic cuts so I still have a few inches of relaxed hair on the top of my head even after I got that layered haircut where the hair in the crown is shorter than the rest of it.

I've cut my hair six times (I cut my hair a bit on December 2006, trimmed it on November 2007, trimmed it again, got a bob haircut on March 2008, cut my ends on august 2008, got a layered haircut on November 2008, etc.) and now it's below shoulder length (the longest layer).

The first curls to come out were the ones on the nape of my neck and the sides of my head.

I want to have really healthy curly hair so I don't have to straighten it with heat (my hair looks better when it's blow dried so I do it once every week but I want to stop because it kills curls) and I want to let it grow.

I am actually developing a natural shampoo for a science fair project so I want nothing to do with chemicals. Do you have any procedures, products or natural recipes that you would like to share with me?
Has anyone tried to grow their hair using Indian herbs (Shikakai, Amla, Vatika, etc.)?

Thanks in advance!

Last relaxer: around July 20, 2006
Last cut my hair on: November 21, 2008
Final cut: Soon (God willing)
I still have a bit of relaxed hair left. I'm letting my hair grow at its own pace; no big chops or anything. :glasses7:

Going CG when I finally finish cutting off all of the relaxed ends (I estimate that will be around july 2009). :happy8:

As of right now, my hair is very dry, straightened on a weekly basis and about an inch past shoulder length.


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