I Feel like My Hair Doesn't Fit In At All & It's Really Starting to Bug Me

carlyisapiratecarlyisapirate Registered Users Posts: 59
Ok so here's the deal. I have been soo self-consious about my hair since last year. And now I'm starting to feel even worse because everywhere I go, teenage girls my age have straight hair ALL THE TIME. It's driving me insane! I wish I could fit in with keeping my curly hair. For some odd reason, I feel like people will think I'm weird because of my curls..gaaaahhh
Do any of you guys feel this way? Or maybe you have some tips to help me feel better?



  • Rebecca 1995Rebecca 1995 Registered Users Posts: 118
    i know how u feel. when ur walking in the mall and u see ppl who think they're so cool cuz their hair is straight, but rly u just need to look in the mirror and realize tht u r JUST AS COOL AS THEM. u r the only 1 that u need to impress, and other then tht, not care about what others think. when ur smiling and having a good time, ppl will want to be like u. plus, curls r wayyyy more unique (and fun!! =D). hope i could help =]]]
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  • maggie000maggie000 Registered Users Posts: 28
    but rly u just need to look in the mirror and realize tht u r JUST AS COOL AS THEM.

    Actually, I think you are WAY more cool than people with straight hair! EVERYONE has straight hair so whats so great about it! Curls are way more individual and they make you unique.

    I know sometimes you dont want to be unique and stand out from the crowd but if your friends dont love you for who you are (curls and all) then they are not really your friends at all.

    I think the best thing to do is to be cofident. That way your curls are trulkey reflecting your personality and the only reason peole will be looking at you in a weird way is because they are jelous.

    I hope this helps.
  • carlyisapiratecarlyisapirate Registered Users Posts: 59
    Thanks so much for your answers, they are really helping :-)
  • shawneebecoolshawneebecool Registered Users Posts: 90
    i never really feel self-conscious about my curls/waves .. but the way the look sometimes REALLY bothers me. like 90% of the time, my hair doesnt look the way i want. but yeah :P
    supposedly 2c/3a.
    very thick,almost waistlength hair when straight, but around midback length when curly.
    just a girl trying to figure her hair out /: lol.

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    wish me luck ;)

    2/27/09- taking a break from CG ... doing mod CG for a little to see the effects on my hair, so that i can compare and expiriment and see what my hair likes and doesnt like

    i havent found a good routine yet or any HG products.
  • JessinessJessiness Registered Users Posts: 64
    I know how you feel, but really, they're the ones that are UNCOOL. Curls are in this year, and stick straight hair is out. Half of the girls you see with stick straight hair have probably straightened it, anyway. ;) Feel proud that you stand out in a good way. Curls are fun and vibrant, you'll never look boring when you're wearing them.
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  • EarthyCurlsEarthyCurls Registered Users Posts: 495
    i get annoyed in airports mostly when there are all these straight haired, skinny, make up perfect girls who are probably going to spend break at some luxury hotel and fly first class.. sorry if i offend any one by that...
  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Registered Users Posts: 214
    I've realized that people who feel self conscious look self conscious. Don't show it, even if you are feeling it. Give a good name to curly hair and just love it, and let people know you do. I think if someone sees a really confident curly girl, they think, "Wow, I wish I had curly hair!" Most of the time they do anyway. It took me a while to truly embrace my hair, and now I just love it. Obviously, I still feel a little self conscious when I see girls at a party, the mall, school, etc. with straight hair, because my hair frizzes up sometimes and really doesn't look that good. But if you think about how you would feel to have to straighten your hair all the time because you don't know how to make your natural hair shine, you can see how people would just use it as a cover so they don't have to feel a little conscious about their hair sometimes.
  • mpcurlsmpcurls Registered Users Posts: 5
    Wow, you sounded just like me 3 years ago. My dad has curly hair and my mom has wavy-to-straight hair. Every time I complained about my hair, my mom would always say, "Quit whining. You're lucky. Every girl with wavy and straight hair wants your curls." So keep that in mind, cuz throughout the years, I've learned that what my mom said is true. I know a lot of those teenage girls with stick straight hair, and I've seen them all try to curl their dull, boring hair to make it look naturally curly.

    Curls/waves are elegant. Notice how almost every female celebrity at award shows or photoshoots have their hair wavy or curly. ;) It catches people's attention.

    You said that you think people think you're weird because of your curls. If they're excessively looking at your hair, it's probably because it's so excitingly new to them that they want to analyze it.
  • mpcurlsmpcurls Registered Users Posts: 5
    If your hair's starting to bug you, maybe all you need is a new haircut. Experiment with how you style it until you find the perfect technique. Look at some pictures of curly hairstyles.
  • CurlayGirlayCurlayGirlay Registered Users Posts: 240
    I totally know what you mean. Everyone with curly hair in my class straightens it every day, so sometimes I feel alone. But.....theres a plus side to that. You're the only unique one! You are the one who stands out!

    I agree with whoever said that female celebrities usually wear their hair wavy or curly for nice events. It really does catch peope's attention.
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  • kayemmkay159kayemmkay159 Registered Users Posts: 171
    ya i totally feel that way all the time, so i always straightened it. but once i started wearing my hair curly EVERYONS been telling me they would die for my curly hair instead of having straight hair and trust me, even if ppl dont tell you i bet they are thinking it!
  • maggiemoomaggiemoo Registered Users Posts: 2
    i totally know what you mean. i never like how my hair looks and then when n one else even HAS any curly hair I feel self-conscious. well i guess we should both just either straighten our hair or get over it. : )
  • eyesthatlieeyesthatlie Registered Users Posts: 261
    I totally know what you mean. Everyone with curly hair in my class straightens it every day, so sometimes I feel alone. But.....theres a plus side to that. You're the only unique one! You are the one who stands out!

    I totally agree with you! I used to be one of the people who straightened their hair everyday, and it took so much time and I knew I was damaging my hair.
    The thing is, whenever I would see a curly girl I would get envious because I knew she had confidence to wear her natural hair.

    So basically, if you are the only curly girl amongst a sea of straight-heads, just remember that they're probably jealous of how confident you are. You don't feel the need to hide who you really are, and that is something that people will respect. :)
  • 3294life3294life Registered Users Posts: 23
    Curly hair is 10 times cooler than straight hair. What does straight hair do anyway? It just sits there limply on top of someones head.

    Curly hair has bounce, and body, and personality. It may be harder to manage, but it's absolutely worth it.
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  • EvilSmileBunnyEvilSmileBunny Registered Users Posts: 61
    Keep ur chin up! As long as you feel confident I seriously doubt that anyone will think you're weird. And if they do... do you really want to hang out with them?
  • hazelnuthazelnut Registered Users Posts: 199
    Think about it like this:
    Almost every girl I've talked to with straight hair wants curly hair. Because straight hair, in my opinion, can get a little boring. There is so much you can do with curly hair. Just keep your head up and make those girls wish they had your hair (because they secretly do) :).
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  • caroline!caroline! Registered Users Posts: 29
    Be so, so glad that you are unique. I had straight hair before puberty, and I always wanted curly hair because the people who have it seem to have so much more personality!
  • curlybeautycurlybeauty Registered Users Posts: 81
    I've been self-conscious about my curls for the past several months. Everywhere I look girls my age have flat hair, and I stand out with my wild corkscrews. But I've recently learned to embrace my hair and individuality. Curly hair is unique, and you're just as cool as the straight-haired girls. :)
  • britney.britney. Registered Users Posts: 292
    I know how you feel. I feel like I'm basically the only one who wears my hair naturally curly at my school, so sometimes I get self conscious. :sad1: Especially since everyone has nice straight hair.
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  • j-jill. j-jill. Registered Users Posts: 147
    Yeahh, I sometimes feel the same way. I used to be one of those people who straightened their hair EVERY morning, but now I've come to my senses and gone natural. Maybe that's why people sometimes think it's fake..
    I haven't seen many who sport their natural curls around my school. It doesn't help with all of those "Straighten your hair", or "I'm really thankful I wasn't born with naturally curly hair" comments.
    It's somewhat easy for me sometimes.. my hair is curly, almost wavy (the difference is mine holds a curl) so it's easy to style in the morning, and it's not unattractive. only problem is that it's damaged and dry.. oh well haha.

    Don't worry about the girls at school. They're most likely jealous of your curls. : ]
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  • xCuRlGiRlx1510xCuRlGiRlx1510 Registered Users Posts: 5
    I was self concious for a long time, and i still kind of am. I was so self concious up to the point that I straighten my hair for several months. and I recently, thanks to my friend curly beauty, decided to put away the straightner and hair dryer. just realize that you have the hair that most girls would kill for.
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  • MandyzillaMandyzilla Registered Users Posts: 17
    Better to be a curly fry in a box of regular. I just recently wore my hair straight, and I didn't feel like myself. Everywhere I looked was straight boring hair. It made me want to dunk my head in a bucket of water! You should feel proud of your curly hair. It sets you apart from all those straight haired carbon copy teeny boppers.
  • LollipopLollipop Registered Users Posts: 67
    sometimes I wake up early to shower in the morning. I put in all my products and work on my hair. Then I just look at myself in the mirror and panic because I feel like it's so limp and ugly. So I just brush it out and put it in a bun. The few times I have let it air dry as I went to school I got so many compliments about how my "hair is so pretty", "it's so shiny" and how some wavies who left their hair wavy "wish I had curlier hair". It's a major ego boost, but I stil struggle with how it looks while it's wet. Also, I project myself as a "nerd" :glasses9:, so when I wear my hair down I feel embarassed because I can't help but think how it's so much worse that I try and fail at the whole "beauty thing" than to just give up.

    One thing that has helped me is I wore my hair down one day, took pictures of it wet and dry, and wrote down some of the compliments on it that day. It makes me feel so much better about myself, and it makes me feel like I can show off my hair. It felt good taking that off my chest. Thanks for listening...err, reading!
  • Fii_RoseFii_Rose Registered Users Posts: 79
    I sure know how you feel, but I think its nice to stand out a bit .. tho a messy mop of curls is not cool I find funky on trend accessories and styles help you feel more like your curls are in fashion too (check out ethnic/hippy leather, feather, ribbon headbands... fishtail plaits and pearls for this seasons looks (also keeps frizz in check too))
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] ... my big usual smile for multicultcurly :P

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    I'm really like my curls but rarely wear my hair fully down as it isn't really styled and tends to go bushy

    ... really seeking an edgy indie style cut that suits my hair type, but wont make the move till I'm sure its right for me as I have been growing my hair to this point for so long :toothy4:
  • xodevinxodevin Registered Users Posts: 478
    This feeling can be annoying, but lately for me it's gone out the window. (:

    First of all, obviously your hair can't define your personality, etcetc. We all know that, but it definitely affects your personality when we have a bad hair day.

    So instead of focusing on how 'different' it is, try to focus on getting consistent, drop dead results to blow those straighties away!

    When you feel good about your hair, you'll realize that those straight haired people may have nice hair but so do you! Gorgeous hair! Enjoy it. (: It's unique, which may seem like a bad thing at the time with peer pressure, but trust me, so many girls out there straighten because they don't know how to handle their curls, and wish they had some that behaved like us proud curlies do.

    Curl pride!
    curly hair and proud (:
  • emthefantasticalemthefantastical Registered Users Posts: 963 Curl Novice
    i'll go out on a limb and assume that most of you are in middle school or high school. i know i was definitely self-conscious about my curly hair all through middle school and through most of high school and even through part of my first year of college. but then i started actually looking around and noticing all the different types of hair texture that you encounter in college. my best friend from high school has naturally curly hair and having friends that are wavy and curly definitely helps.
    BUT just know that in high school it's easy to feel out of place, but once you get out of high school, things will be totally different. i've gotten more compliments from guys and girls alike on my curly hair in college than i ever did combined in high school--even when i straightened my hair!
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