Full color w/ highlights?

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I have an appointment to get my hair colored and it's been YEARS since I've colored it. I've had highlights a couple of years ago but not a full color.

SO....how does it work if you want a full color as well as some highlighs? So they do the full color and then add highlights or do they somehow manage to do both at the same time? I would think the first way would kill the hair.


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    In my experience, they do both at the same time. Usually it's not a double process, i.e. dying the whole head, and then putting in highlights over freshly dyed hair. If for some reason they need to do it in two steps, usually you need to return for the highlights part. Just make sure, if you haven't already, to tell your colourist that you want to put highlights in, so they can block off enough time.
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    I have mine done like this all the time it is in one process. She uses foil puts the bleach in one foil then the color in another then under the dryer I go.

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