What can I do for my baby?

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Last week I had a nasty cold, and a severe sore throat (felt like rocks or glass when I swallowed). I could barely talk for two days, but then it got better. Now it looks like Soren is getting the same thing. He has a nasty cough and his voice was sort of squeaky at a doctor's appointment, but now, 10 hours later, he barely has a voice at all. The ped (mine is not available til next week) said you basically have to ride it out and there's nothing that you can give to babies for a cold.

He can't do the obvious like gargling salt water, eating a spoonful of honey with lemon juice, or eat cough drops. All I can think of is Tylenol for pain and maybe give him teeny tiny bits of ice. Since he won't take a bottle, my husband has attempted to feed him jarred baby food when I'm away. Do you think maybe if I put it in the fridge it might feel soothing? I just don't know what to do for him, and he sounds so pathetic. If only you guys could hear him... :(


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    I would only give him Tylenol if he seems distressed or in pain. Nothing else. Breastfeeding is the best thing for him. It's likely that the breastmilk will contain antibodies to this particular illness, because you've already had a version of it, and that he will get better quicker.
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    Run a humidifier and the Vicks Baby vapor rub is nice. I'd only give Tylenol at night if the discomfort is keeping him from sleeping.

    They are pathetic. We seemed to be sick non-stop October through December, and it was really awful, especially when we heard him cough in his sleep on the monitor. So sad when they're little and don't understand why they feel so bad. :(
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    poor thing.

    we gave her real fruit popsicles. our pediatrician actually recommend it and the cold seemed to soothe her throat and who doesnt love a popsicle?
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    I second all of the above - breastmilk, Vick's baby rub, humidifier, something cold (ever tried "momsicles" - frozen breastmilk!), Tylenol at night if needed. A good trick is to put the Vick's on the baby's feet and then put on footsie pajamas. It is supposed to help with a cough and it did seem to soothe Harry.

    It is awful when they are sick. You feel so sad for them! They are so pathetic and helpless. Lots of snuggles are good for everything too.

    Edited to add: Yes on putting baby food in the fridge! Even better, put it in a bowl and then freeze it for about 10 minutes before serving. Harry loves yogurt and applesauce this way when he is teething, but I'm sure it would soothe a sore throat too.
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    Since babies less than 1 year old can't take honey, you can give them corn syrup. It is available in Walgreens. Just like honey, it is not a medicine but just something to soothe the throat.
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    Thanks everyone! He still pretty sick, but he's dealing with it better today. He's smiling when he's awake, but still sleeping a lot.
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    my lydia just got over bronchiolitis. it was no fun! we do very, very natural, tradional health in our household - because of the way i was raised, and my s.o. from guatemala was too. our pediatrician is from peru, and so it's nice that she understand our approach and supports it by suggesting natural remedies when appropriate. since it was just viral, and nothing more we could do here's what we did:

    let the mild fever run its course, it's the body's natural way to get over the illness.

    lots of rest - she napped for two hour stretches a few times a day - amazing for her as she is the 45 minute nap girl!

    lots of fluids (tons of nursing, drinks of tepid water, herbal tea - more on that later) to keep the mucous thin to get lungs clear.

    keep her warm - chest, torso, feet covered and long sleeves. hat and jacket if we had to go out in the chilly/wind (but we avoided that at all possible). we'd been transitioning her to a low toddler bed in our room, but while she was sick, she slept next to us again. no cold food or drinks.

    keep her dry so no baths, no wet head, no wet chest from drool or drinks on her t-shirt.

    i make her a special tea blend with chamomile, anise, catnip, lemon balm, lavender flowers, and a tiny bit of ginger (ginger is warming, chamomile is good for catarhh, and the others are good for calming and pain). she loves it. this time, since she's close to a year and we're starting to let her carefully have citrus, i also made her some garlic lemonade - steep a couple crushed cloves in a quart of hot water for 15-30 minutes, add juice of one lemon, drink freely at room temperature. i actually mixed it with her tea, and she drank it right up! (i gave her a few ounces daily for a week).

    she wasn't interested in solids, just pretty much nursed the whole time.

    chest clapping - breaks up the mucus in the lungs and keeps it moving out. do it carefully, you can look up the instructions on line or ask the pediatrician. gentle, firm massage of the chest, back, feet, legs and arms to relax her.

    using the nasal aspirator several times a day to keep her nose clear. it stayed pretty fluid, so i didn't have to add saline drops to loosen it up, but i've done that before when she had another little cold.

    no added humidity to the air - since she had a wet cough - not a dry, tight, congested one - it didn't make sense.

    i think that's it. it passed in a little over a week. i was grateful, because a friend's baby ended up in the hospital with the stuff!

    good luck, hope your little one feels better soon!

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