I can't redeem my itunes giftcard...

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I've got a nice list of songs I wanted to add to my ipod. I got on itunes to redeem my giftcard, followed the directions and it says it doesn't recognize the code I put in from my giftcard.

Anyone else have this problem recently??? Am I just out of luck?? I redeemed another one I got for Christmas with no problems. :dontknow:


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    I bought an itunes GC from at&t for someone for Christmas and it wasn't activated. It was a huge ordeal b/c the at&t people said that they couldn't activate it b/c itunes had to do that and of course itunes said at&t had to activate it b/c they are the ones that I paid. Took a few hours of my time, but itunes finally just sent me a new activated GC. Sucks though b/c they really just did that out of good faith (had me send card & receipt) and at&t got off scott free without having to activate the GC I paid for.

    Anyway, I hope that isn't what is going on for you...but just thought I'd post. :dontknow:
  • texascurlytexascurly Posts: 1,967Registered Users
    Ok, nevermind, I'm a big dork...some of the scratch off stuff was in just the right spot to make an F look like an E...:lol:

    Thanks anyway!!:happy7:
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    :lol: For what it's worth, I think it's pretty cool that you admitted it on the board, allowing yourself be subjected to our mockery. ;)
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    My iPod wouldn't sync to my new comp, so I called Apple. And they're sending me a new iPod for free! Yippee! They said the firmware on that model is going bad.
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    If it makes you feel any better, I've never had an itunes card but I get those activation codes wrong all the time. They always have to use that stupid font that makes it hard to read where like 8's look like B's etc?