I'm ready to start, but I need a little help...

I'm ready to start the CG routine, but I need a little help on finding some CG friendly products. I know that I need to start with a clarifying shampoo, and I plan to go get some Suave. However, can anyone recommend a conditioner that I can get at the store that's CG friendly? Or some good styling products? I just want something that I can start with until I have the time and money to look for some of the really good products.
Thanks so much in advance!


  • Lil'curlsLil'curls Registered Users Posts: 275
    Hey there,

    Congrats on going CG. I have found a list on here of silicone, sulfate, and protein free products.


    Good luck!
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  • Laura LeeLaura Lee Registered Users Posts: 1,828
    Read what I posted on this thread:


    Also, this site is a little outdated and doesn't have some things but it's still a nice guide

    Check out the menu on the left to link to the product lists
  • smo6767smo6767 Registered Users Posts: 409
    Vo5 and Suave Naturals are popular conditioners and work for co-washing. They're both very light conditioners, and Vo5 is lighter. Sorry if this didn't help compared to the other ladies' :)
  • MissDut0829MissDut0829 Registered Users Posts: 8
    I'm a littel confused-I went to check out some of the Suave products-the clarifying shampoo in particular- and the ingredients show that it has cones in it. Is that right. Says that it has dimethicone?
  • MissDut0829MissDut0829 Registered Users Posts: 8
    OK, now I'm REALLY confused. I thought CG friendly products needed to be cone free, but I keep seeing stuff about products needing to be sulfate free? This is VERY overwhelming, and I'm ready to quit and haven't even started!:dontknow:
  • k_vssyk_vssy Registered Users Posts: 240
    The reason for not doing silicones is because you can only take them out of your hair with sulfates. And sulfates are very drying-they're the thing we're actually trying to avoid. So yes, CG generally means avoiding both. That being said, your clarifying shampoo does need to have sulfates in it to get out the last of whatever is in your hair that's not water soluble. The dimethicone you see listed in the Suave is actually dimethicone copoloyl (or however it's spelled!), which actually is water soluble, so it's not a problem. I used that shampoo to clarify when I started CG, so I know it's fine. I know it's all complicated, but with a little practice it's actually really simple, and the results can be worth it, so don't give up!
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    oh no! don't give up yet! yes it can be a bit overwhelming but once you get it, you'll stick with it.

    if you're planning on doing a clarifying poo b4 u start CG, then you can use any poo, doesn't have to be CG friendly. now, if you plan on clarifying once you've become CG, then of course, it's best to stick with sulfate free poos or to find a CG friendly clarifying cond for a co-wash (i think V05 has one - kiwi lime or something like that and i THINK it's CG friendly). another option is to clarify with apple cider vinegar (acv) - that's really popular 'round these parts. (i'm doing one today in fact)

    in essence, going CG means either giving up poo altogether (mainly due to the harsh sulfates) and washing with a cone-free conditioner (or one that has water soluble cones in them - there's a thread floating around here somewhere that lists the cones you should avoid and which ones are water soluble) or using a lo-poo method (which usually means using a poo that has no sulfates in them). the cone free rule applies to conditioners and styling products.

    so in essence:
    • no sulfates rule applies to shampoo (aka 'poo)
    • no cones rule applies to conditioners & styling products
    does that make sense?

    there are some curlies that do a modified CG - which, if i'm not mistaken, and PLEASE correct me if i'm wrong - means they're using a poo that does not contain any sulfates...

    HTH :D
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    leave in & styling - KCKT, KCCC, HESMU mousse
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