What type of hair do I have?

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I'm confused and bewildred and cannot figure out what type of hair I have and I'm pretty new to this whole "embrace your curls" things (but I'm loving it!). Could someone give me some advice? I'd really appreciate it! :)

So this is my hair, just washed, dried with one of those funnel things and with a bit of mousse in it (sorry about the mirror, it needs a good clean....). No hair dyes in it, that's my natural colour. It has a tendency to be straighter on top and curlier down the bottom but I'm hoping that will change as I'm on week five or six of "no ´poo".


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    Looks 2c/3a to me since your curl pattern starts a couple inches from your roots and gets curlier. If you try CG, it may curl a bit more. Here's a site with more info:
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  • AvastraAvastra Registered Users Posts: 14
    Thanks for the advice! Yes, I'm hoping the curl pattern will start higher up with time. I'm getting a hair cut next Friday so hopefully a good cut will bring out some more curls.

    Found my first corkscrew tonight! :D

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