Hey guys

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Hey girls and guys,

I haven't been on in nearly 3 years (during which time I've continued to grow my curls from a short crop!). Just thought I'd introduce myself again and say 'hi'.

I'm Dave, now aged 30, and living in Greater Manchester, UK. Nice to be back!

Anyway, a quick update and request for advice. My long curls are now really coming on (I'll post some pics soon). I'd say they are type 3B curls - fairly tight really. My hair is layered different lengths, with front layers now to jawline and back down to my nape.
I'm kind of a light brown colour but with mid-blonde highlight sectioned throughout. I'm still growing it and have it trimmed approximately every 6-8 weeks.
I use Nexxus Phyto Organics products - Theratin shampoo (twice weekly max) and a combo of Humectin and Luxxtress as leave-in conditioner/styler (as suggested by my excellent sytlist). However, I'm looking for something 'cone-free' to help tame some frizziness (although not major) mainly around the top and back. I've tried a couple of serums and a very small amount of moulding putty but am looking for something better and more geared to 'frizz-taming'.

Any help or advice would be cool and much appreciated.

Best wishes,


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