I'm Engaged!

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My boyfriend asked me to marry him tonight. It was very casual, but meant a lot to me. I could tell he was a little nervous. He said he wasn't nervous until he actually got in front of me though because he knew I would say yes. :occasion7::happy7:


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    awwww, congrats!!!!
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    :wav: Congrats!!!! :wav:
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    Best wishes!
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    Very sweet. Best wishes!
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    Thank you! I'm very excited!
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    Congratulations! :occasion7: Best wishes to you both.
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    Congratulations!!!!! :occasion7::love7::happy2::love1::love3::love4::love5::love6:
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    Congratulations!! :love2::blob2::love2:
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    Oh awesome! Congrats! Best wishes!
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    Awesome! Congratulations! :)
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    Woo hoo!!! Congratulations :)
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    Best Wishes!
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    Aww! Congrats! :occasion7::love5:
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    how cool! congratulations.
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    Aww! Congratulations!
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