HELLo all , need HELP

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Ok, now i know that my hair does not like PROTEINS or OILS of any sort. I tried doing a search for protein free conditioners for daily use , couldn't find it. Can someone post a link or make a list of inexpensive protein free and oil free products that i can use.

I think my hair is 3c/4a .....


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    I have the same problem and I use Abba leave in, used to be great for me oh and alba leave in
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    This thread is a start:


    Does your hair hate ALL oils, or are there certain ones that you use that make your hair freak out? It could just be certain oils, but I'm sure you know your hair better than I or anyone else. :) But just incase, look at products you've used in the past with oils and compare the ingredients to see if there is a common ingredient that shows up frequently and you may find something interesting. Like with some ladies, coconut oil causes frizz, but when they use say, avocado oil, their hair comes out fine.

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    my hair is not very oil friendly at all.
    but i tried out some jojoba oil (its supposed to be the oil closest to the oil we secret naturally on our skin) and it didnt feel heavy or greasy at all.
    i tried it out on my skin first to see how it would take.
    and it absorbed pretty quickly.
    so test it out on your hand or arm then perhaps try a small section of hair.
    all natural.

    my head is full of naps, coils, kinks and thickness. :)


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