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At approximately 10:45pm EST I made it official and BC'd. Afterward, I washed my hair with [buylink=]KC Come Clean[/buylink] and styled with KC Curly Custard as well as Care Free Curl Gold Instant Activator. I then placed some Pro-Style Clear Ice gel that I got from Sally's around my edges and put a plastic cap on my hair for about 30 minutes. That's to help the product really saturate my hair. I will post pictures of the before and after tomorrow when I'm not so tired.
Plus I did this so late at night that my husband was already asleep so he hasn't seen the "NEW AND IMPROVED ME!"
Here is a Fotki Link to my new hairstyle:


  • naturalnurse04naturalnurse04 Posts: 162Registered Users
    Congratulations on your BC!!!! I know your hair looks amazing! I can't wait to see your pictures!
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    What is it about night time and hair? Seems like more BC's take place at night -- Congratulations!!!:occasion7:
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    Yay congrats!! Another natural newborn!
    Can't wait to see the pics. Lol, your husband will have a shock! How long did you transition?
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    Congrats on your BC. I love how your curls look. What has been your husband's reaction to your new do?:wav:
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    I love your hair! Your curls are sooo cute. :)
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    Congrats Twistdbunny! :wav:

    Your hair looks great!!!!! What did your husband say once he woke up?
  • twistdbunnytwistdbunny Posts: 8Registered Users
    Thank you all for your comments on my hair. I am very pleased with the outcome. Good luck to you all in your transitioning and BC's.
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    Congratulations! And nice curls. It's funny thinking about what your husband's reaction might have been after waking up to a New and Improved wife!
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    Looks Great Congratulations!!!!:hello1:
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