texturizers? anyone?

Velvetmug22Velvetmug22 Registered Users Posts: 409
I need some texturizers rec's. Anyone?
Short 4A Hair.


  • ConchShellsConchShells Registered Users Posts: 67
    None here. Maybe you should check on the relaxer board :)
    Currently kinky but relaxed with Phytospecific Index 1
  • *Ani**Ani* Registered Users Posts: 351
    shhhhh, we dont talk about that round here. :oops:

    Seriously, based on what I read about the elucence relaxer it seems like a good candidate for a texturizer as it processes slowly and is very mild.

    I used cream of nature in mild mixed with equal parts of olive oil and only left it on for about 5-10 minutes and my hair looks fabulous.
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  • Velvetmug22Velvetmug22 Registered Users Posts: 409
    LOL - Thanks Ani!

    ConchShells OK.............. :?
    Short 4A Hair.

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