Salt Spray Help?

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In the summer, I really like my hair after swimming in the ocean, and I want to make a salt spray so I can have hair like that always. However, will just adding a few tablespoons of salt to water dry my hair out immensly? Would adding salt to conditioner work just as well? If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please tell me!!!


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    There are several old threads about this. Search "salt spray" (quotes included).Here's one with a recipe:
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    That one recipe is an awful lot of epsom salt to add to your hair. I think for a lot of us it would roughen up the cuticle too much and cause frizz.

    If you already have some natural wave/curl I would start out with a cup of water plus 1/4tsp to gently enhance the curl. I add 1/4 tsp salt to my FSG when cooking and that more than takes care of springing up the curl in my hair.
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    Thank you!
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    On this thread there's a few sites with great recipes. The first one listed has a salt spray that you add some Oil and condish to off set the drying effects of Salt.
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