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Hey girls,

So I've been experimenting with some techniques to add some coloful eyeshadow without looking like a little girl who got into her mommy's make up kit. I found something that I think works pretty well.

Take a charcoal, dark brown, or black eye liner and smudge it into your lash lines (top and bottom). Then take a bright color eyeshadow (I've been using violet) and swipe it over your smudged liner. It won't bright, concentrated color. It's a little more subdued with the dark liner underneath. Top off with a little highlight on the brow bone and inner corner and some black mascara and your done. A hint of color in a tastefully smokey look.

Let me know if anyone tries it out there. It's fun! And it can even be ok for daytime; not too overpowering.
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    sounds like a fun technique!

    i do have bright orange (MAC's "Orange Tangent"), but i actually do wear that as my highlight colour - it goes on sheer!

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