Nightly Routine? (X-Post in 4a)

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*Please note- this is a long post*

Hi Ladies,

I have not had any heat on my hair since Jan. 10 and have been deep conditioning every week and doing braid-outs. I have decided to do this because I have discovered that I have severe heat damage and frankly I am tired of paying someone to screw over my hair. Anyway, I'm posting this evening because I'm not sure about my nightly routine; more precisely whether or not I am using too many (or the right) products. So here's what I do:

I shower with my hair uncovered and right before I step out I place a plastic cap over my head to draw in the moisture. I then use Proclaim Tea Tree Spray Leave-In Conditioner on damp hair followed by a dime size of Shikai Daily Moisture Conditioner (which I do not rinse out). I section my hair while it is still damp and proceed to braid, sealing the ends with Elasta Mango Butter Moisturizer and rolling them on perm rods. I've recently incorporated [buylink=]Oyin Whipped Pudding[/buylink] into the routine since I hear shea butter is good to use in the winter. I've noticed that my hair dries really fast even though I apply product and section it off. Lastly, I mist w/Wave Nouveau Finishing Mist and tie with a scarf. I am finding that my hair dries up really fast even when I section it off while I'm braiding other sections. I'm thinking that I need a product that will allow my hair to retain as
much as moisture as possible, esp. when braiding at night. Also I am afraid that this daily manipulation will cause additional breakage. I don't know what to do. For all of you transitioning, I am curious to know, what is your night routine (and what products are you using?)

Thanks for reading!


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    Hi DivaGyrl,

    I am newly transitioning as well with 3B-3C hair. I've noticed I have heat damage as well from too much: chemical processing, ceramic heat ironing & occasional blowdrying- as well as not deep conditioning enough.

    I have halted blowdrying-as my hair dries rapidly w/o putting it through the intense heat of a blow dryer. My hair is also dryer from the heat damage.
    You are already doing right in my opinion by using Shikai- I have used Shikai Color Reflect Intensive Repair Conditioner for months- even before starting my transition. It has always worked wonders by making it easier to comb through & seperate. It's 5oz for around $10.00 at my Whole Foods. I think you can get it online for less. I have used this after shampoo, as a DC & also for styling.
    I use extra virgin olive oil daily as well as Ellin Lavar Detangle Mist as a leave-in conditioner & styling aid -esp befor combing/braiding.

    Last few nights, I have been sectioning, braiding & pinning. (If I don't pin my hair it becomes unbraided- even if I seal the ends. )

    I think it's normal for some weak hair to snap since it has endured heat damage. The extra manipulation may further seperate the strong follicles from the weak. IMO, it's worth the T&E. Maintaining & restoring moisture is the situation in which I am all too familiar. If anyone has any tips- I'm open to them as well.

    best wishes~
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    I use a spray bottle and saturate my hair. I apply Cantu leave-in all over followed by unrefined shea butter on just the ends and two strand twist. While I'm braiding, my hair dries quickly too...that's where my spray bottle comes in. I just spritz and keep going! I do this nightly and I never, ever comb my hair when it's dry. I use the leave in for easy detangling. I top everything off with a satin bonnet. If you feel you can't wear a bonnet, I suggest a satin pillow case. Satin is better because it cuts down breakage. I would also recommend that when you use a DT, place a shower cap on and sit under a dryer with low heat for about 20-30 mins to let it penetrate. HTH! :)
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    When I was transitioning and I did my braidouts, I would do smaller braids and put satin covered sponge rollers on the ends and leave them overnight. The braid outs would last about 2-3 days if I slept with a satin bonnet. I would also use the spray bottle to keep my hair damp while I was braiding it. Maybe it would help if you could make your braid outs last a little longer and you wouldn't have to manipulate your hair every night? HTH! Hang in there!!!
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    I've seen the Cantu in the store & debated whether to buy.

    Last nite, I used glycerin on my hair & braided tighter. I wrapped it with a scarf. My hair is soft so all though the braids lasted longer than usual- the ends still came undone....& the scarf came off.

    I left it braided all day today & we'll moisturize before sleep & see. I'm probably undoing my hair tomorrow so I'll see how it looks.
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    i cowash with suave naturals tropical coconut. then i moisturize with the same conditioner mixed with honey. i seal with hollywood beauty olive oil. i twist my hair into 4 thick twists and pin them up. then i put on a shower cap followed by a satin cap.
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    Hi Black Hoya Chick,
    i cowash with suave naturals tropical coconut. then i moisturize with the same conditioner mixed with honey. i seal with hollywood beauty olive oil. i twist my hair into 4 thick twists and pin them up. then i put on a shower cap followed by a satin cap.

    Pardon the amt of ?s- I am learning as I go along... :)
    How much honey do you use?
    Does the shower cap & satin cap ever become uncomfortable together?

    What does baking soda do for your hair? (saw in your staples area)

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    Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I've made a few changes in the past couple of weeks as far as my products and routine are concerned. I trimmed some of my damaged ends and started doing twist-outs. I haven't had a chance to post new pics but I must say I'm the twist-outs are working A LOT better!!

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