Fried and tired of it. Please help!

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I have type 3bish hair and I have straightened it for years now because it looks ten times better that way, but the front pieces are completely fried and I can't get them to grow. I think I just keep breaking them off. I'm so tired of them sticking straight up or out!

Does anyone know of a good product to use to protect my hair from the heat that REALLY WORKS?

Do I need to use something on my hair as I straighten or just some kind of intense conditioning?


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    Here's my advice. I've totally been in your place. I fried my hair to the point that no iron or product could make it look decent again and the breakage was uncontrollable. The key that I've found to flat ironing hair are 3 things:

    1.) frequent trims by a pro. I get my hair trimmed every 4-6 excuses. My ends get damaged from my flat iron, no product is going to change that. The quicker I get rid of those split ends the less time they have to break off higher up on the hair strand (if that makes any sense at all) and make my hair look worse.

    2.) Limit your flat ironing. I only allow myself to flat iron 1 or 2 times/week. If my hair looks greasy and I've hit my limit, fine, I wash it but I go curly then. Plus, learning to love and work with one's hair while curly is very helpful for times when your flat iron craps out and the new one takes a week to be shipped (which is the reason I am typing this with a head full of curls right now :) )

    3.) Try not to wash as frequently. That's one of the major things I've learned on this site. Shampooing everyday really isn't necessary. It damages your hair and strips it of good oils and the less you do it, the happier your hair will be. We thick haired girls can go a surprising amount of time without looking like grease-balls and a good dry shampoo can also help in between washes.

    These things are the major differences that keep my hair from getting to the point where it's fried and breakage is taking over. Deep conditioning treatments (I love Redken's Real Control) once or twice a week also helps as well as never letting an iron come near your hair withut a heat protectant on first (I'm a fan of Sabino's Moisture Block...pricey, but the bottle last FOREVER). Bottom line, there's no fix for hair once its damaged. You just need to cut it off and start over. To save your front pieces, put down the flat iron! I'd recommend a trim and (and I know you don't want to hear this) maybe letting your hair go natural for a little while along with lots of deep treatments and TLC. The more you keep trying to iron over them (with or without heat protectant) the worse it's going to get and no product is going to save it. [gets off high horse] Hope this helps!
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    I 2nd the Sabino Moisture Block. I've been using it for about 4 months now and it really does protect from heat damage. I've only had 1 trim in that time period and I've never been able to go that long without cutting off a ton of split ends.
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