Wavy girl growing her hair out from boot-camp-short cut

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I've been pretending to have straight hair for nearly 20 years. And I've kept it short for a long time, too. I describe my hair as "can't make up it's mind" between straight and curly, but the fact is, my hair is wavy.
So as I'm growing it out - it's up to 5" measured from the scalp right now, which is the longest it's been in three years - I'm trying to be nice to it. No parabens, no 'cones, no heat treatements, no flatiron anymore. But because of the length, I can't just let it curl. I end up looking like I stuck my finger in a lightsocket. I know "bedhead" is in, but it looks crazy when I let it all just airdry. So at the moment, I section my hair when it's wet and pin it back with hair-friendly hairpins. When it dries - ta-da! Straight(ish) hair. I'm guessing that I'll need to do this a little bit longer, until my hair gets long enough that waves don't make it stand straight up in the air.
Here's my routine for the moment: wash with Aubrey GPB (or whatever the initials are, I can never remember) or with California Baby Tea Tree/Lavender shampoo every other day. Condition with Aubrey conditioner. On days when I don't wash or condition, I use a baking soda/water combo rubbed into my hair that's rinsed out with an ACV mixture. After wash (or non-wash), I wrap my hair in a microfiber towel while it's still soaking, put it up in a turban and get dressed, do makeup, etc. Then take off the turban, spray in some of the Aubrey leave-in conditioner/detangler, and do the pins. Strangely enough, takes me half the time of my old blow dry and then flatiron routine.

I've just ordered a sample pack of lighter hair products from Jessicurl. I'm replacing most of the hair products I had after reading the ingredients list and making horrified noises - the only gel I have right now is the Aubrey B5 stuff, and I don't use it often. I'm also learning about using stuff like jojoba and other oils to moisturize my hair, rather than chemicals. I had always thought I had dry hair, but it was dry because I was putting so many chemicals in it. Once I stopped doing that - and didn't dye it anymore - my hair evened out and is now what they call "normal." If anyone has suggestions for homemade hair stuff, let me know - I'm reading the "recipes" section of the board with great interest and have already compiled a shopping list.

I've been going to the same stylist for a number of years, and all that time, describing styles and bringing in pictures of people with straight hair. So, she assumed that styles requiring flatironing and blowdrying were okay with me, and she assured me that the flatiron didn't hurt my hair as long as I used a product between my hair and the flatiron. Because my hair is thick, she also thinned it, so that I could get the styles that I was asking for (rather than telling me "hello, your hair is nothing like this person's hair, you can't have this style" the way stylist with sense would have), so when I didn't straighten it, I had short bits poking up out of my hair in a singularly unattractive way.
Then I started trying to grow my hair out, and she kept snipping bits off - way too many bits, for my liking. WHen I asked her why, she told me that she was cutting off the damage to my ends from the flatiron. Completely contradicting what she'd said before - that the flatiron didn't damage my hair. So I completely lost faith in my stylist, and also started to wonder if she actually knew anything about hair.

I have an appointment on Wednesday with a "senior stylist" at J. Gordon Designs, a salon here in Chicago. Before I let anyone near my hair with scissors again, I need to set down some rules and make sure that they can abide by these rules without trying to convince me that thinning my hair is a good thing. I'm willing to look ridiculous for a while if the result is nice thick healthywavy hair, untortured by heat implements for the first time in 20 years.
Also, as has been mentioned other places in this forum, it's hard to find someone who can cut wavy hair. Not curly. Not straight. WAVY. And mine comes with cowlicks, too! I can't tell the stylist whether it's better to cut wet or dry, I have no idea. If the stylist shows any sense, she'll tell me that she'll figure it out when she cuts my hair.

I wish I were at a length where my husband or a friend could cut it, but Im really not. The sides come just down to my earlobes, and the top layer comes to the top of my ears. It's not that I'm opposed to layered cuts, it's just that this one is proving complicated to grow out. I don't want hair down to my tailbone - hell, at this point, I'd be happy with hair to my shoulders.
For the record, I post a lot, as I work as a researcher from home and I'm online pretty much 24/7. I'm really happy to have found this forum.
Not curly, but wavy. Learning to love it.
Valiantly attempting to become a product minimalist.


  • henchpersonhenchperson Registered Users Posts: 67
    Oh lovely, double-post, and completely unintentional. My deepest apologies. And I can't find a way to delete the double.
    Not curly, but wavy. Learning to love it.
    Valiantly attempting to become a product minimalist.

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