Protein confusion...??

SaKkehSaKkeh Registered Users Posts: 986
I've been reading up about ingredients, etc...I notice there is alot of caution about using too much protein on the hair...why is that? The stronger your hair is, isnt that good?
Explain what's wrong with overdoing the protein routine?
Currently, I do an ORS Mayo deep treatment every week (have been for about 4-5 weeks)...I use motions conditioning shampoo prior to that...and then after I wash out the ORS, I spritz with a leave in conditioner and when its completely dry I apply shea butter/tea tree oil.

Is this too much protein?
Help a sista out :wink:


  • spiderlashes5000spiderlashes5000 Registered Users Posts: 17,898 Curl Virtuoso
    It depends on hair type. The tight curlies or curlies with dry, processed or damaged hair can benefit from protein. Some peole get annoyed when I make the racial I'll just say many, but certainly not all, type 4s and some higher 3s can benefit from protein.

    Too much protein will coat the hair shaft and make the hair feel dry and hard.

  • SuperSoftCoilsSuperSoftCoils Registered Users Posts: 36
    Hi, SL, Sakkeh: I don't think people will think anything negative or assume you're being racial when talking hair types... Anyone can have any hair type...

    But, I agree... protein is good for the hair, but like anything, you should use it or not according to your hair type and needs...
    It's not so much protein that makes the hair dry, but the alcohol and other chemicals in the product that are detrimental to hair...

    If your hair is damaged (regardless of type),
    OR If your hair is prone to breakage,
    OR if your hair natually tends to be coily, cottony or spongy...

    If your hair is in excellent condition, then you won't need it, but it's still nice to do a deep protein condition avey now and then even on healthy hair...
    super soft coils

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