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Hi there UK curlies I was searching on Amazon the other night and found some Blended Beauty hair care products and Mixed Chicks. Just thought I would let you all know as we all hate paying the postage cost for the US hair care products we can't get here. Still wishing somehere would sell KCCC oh well a gurl can hope :tongue3:

Maisiemugwump 3A

Mod CG

Low Poo Skin shop Dry Scalp shampoo and conditioner ..

Leave in Anita Grant Whipped Butter
Styling Boots Curl Creme, AVG ,CK Anita Grant Cafe Latte .

Wanting to try EVERYTHING lol ok Donna Marie Honey and Aloe Gel, KCCC, KCKT KBB leave in conditioner

Occasionally using Rhassoul Clay :angel5:


  • goldencurls8goldencurls8 Registered Users Posts: 115
    Oooh thanks! I look around Amazon once in awhile, glad to know they have Blended Beauty, I love the Soy Cream shampoo. Have only tried the mixed chicks leave in, was a bit too heavy but would like to try some other stuff. I think mariposa imports sells Kinky Curly, they are a European site, pretty sure it's something ridiculous like £35 euros though! It stinks the way the pound has dropped I can't even contemplate that anymore!
  • hahgiwoofahahgiwoofa Registered Users Posts: 87
    Just had a nosey on amazon. Some of the things they have on there I've also noticed in T J Hughes, so they must be end of range stuff. I got some lovely Nicky Clarke conditioner for red hair (no silicone!!) in there (it was like a shimmery bronze liquid in a clear bottle) but as usual when I find things I like, they've been discontinued!!!!
    :afro: UK based curly bonce! (Lancs)
    :banghead: silicone, or not to silicone - that is the question!!!
    CG - australian organics (Holland and Barratt) poo & condish, Louise Galvin Deep condish treatment, boots pink curl creme
    non CG - Umberto Gianni pink range, L'Oreal Studio Line Curl Power Controlling Creme
    Still searching for the winning combination!!!

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