I need help...bad

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I dont know if this is the right section or not but im having serious issues. I had really beautiful thick long curls...and then I had a baby lol
My pregnancy was really stressful and my hair thinned out drastically. Along with losing my thickness and length, I lost my curls. Its like this thin ugly wave now (except for the middle part which is curly).
This is a before pic (right in the morning, no make up and hairs messy, but good enough to show)


and now I straighten it all the time cuz it looks bad natural, which is not letting it grow fast I think.

Do I have any potential to get my hair back you think? Any recommendations on what I should do?

Sorry for the long post ladies, its just really upsetting :sad5:


  • CouvagirlCouvagirl Posts: 38Registered Users
    Congratulations on your new baby!

    It's completly normal to lose hair after pregnancy. Remember that during pregnancy we don't shead much hair at all, that's why most preggie woman appear to have thicker longer hair (the prenatal help as well :lol:)

    I would recommend that you talk with your doctor, and or a dermatologist to be sure that it's normal pre-preggie shedding. You hair should return to normal within a few months.
  • Fiyah86Fiyah86 Posts: 11Registered Users
    Hi! Thank you!

    Unfortunately i have done numerous blood tests and my doc says theres nothing wrong.

    My daughter is two now, and while it did rebound for about 8 months after the baby, it went back again =(

    I dont know if that was clear or not lol so when I was preg, it thinned and waved, than after I had her, it went back how it used to be, and now its short, thin and wavy again.

    Its so frustrating, i just want my thick curls back :sad3:
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    I don't mean to minimize your problem at all, but I think your hair looks better than you think it does, even with just the wave. I know nothing about this entire subject, but maybe your hair needs a combination of something different post-partum than pre-partum? More more moisture?
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    I'm sure it must be frustrating if your hair isn't as curly as it used to be, but it's gorgeous! I would be careful with straightening, because you could end up causing damage that will ultimately make it less curly.

    There are a few curlies on here whose curl pattern changed all together after having a baby. Maybe you're one of those people? Regardless, your hair is very pretty!
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  • Fiyah86Fiyah86 Posts: 11Registered Users
    Thats how my hair was before the baby, thats how I wish it wass now. I dont even want to post pics of what it is now cuz its horrible if i dont straighten it =(

    Im definitely treating my hair a lot better than i used to you...i do lots of protein and moisture treatments.
    Overall it seems in even better condition, its just the fact that its drastically thinner and not curly anymore =(
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    There are lots of curly girls who say they lost their curls after having a baby. Some have the curls come back later, but others never have the same head of hair again. I think it has to do with hormones and such. Here's the thread if you wanna check it out.

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  • Fiyah86Fiyah86 Posts: 11Registered Users
    Thanks for that link TwilightEyes....I get the feeling this is my hair now and I just need to get used to be wavy/straight. Im going to start getting some Brazilan Keratin Treatments so I can stop ironing, hopefully at least it will be long again.
    This sucks :disgust:

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