Huge Hair!

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I have stumbled across this site in search of some advice. I have extremely thick, coarse, curly hair which I cannot manage (please see attached). I never wear my hair down.

Hairdressers are my enemy! I have rarely been to the same hairdressers more than once and have experienced every disaster over the years. I am exhausted and have not been near a hairdressers for 6 months.

However I want to resolve my hair nightmare once and for all, from this site I have gathered that Unruly Studios is a good bet? I was also wondering if anyone can offer any advice through their own experience with regard to the best cut and ways of styling this kind of hair?

Any advice appreciated.


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    That is exactly what my hair looked like before I was recommended to a Deva stylist. Go to the curlsalons link and see if there is a stylist near you to help get you started or read these boards to see what other wavies use and how they style. I'm going to try and find the post with the link to a great blog with info on how to get started...

    Here it is...

    Hopefully this helps...
    High Priestess JessMess, follower of the Goddess of the Coiling Way and Confiscator of Concoctions in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

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