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I recently did my big chop, and I'm not sure what I should use as an every day moisturizer. I have 4b hair (i think). I tried the Carol's daughter hair milk, and it seems to dry up hard in my hair. I also tried [buylink=]Oyin handmade shine and define[/buylink], but it doesnt do much for curl definition, and dries kind of sticky (i tried it once for a twist out though and it worked really well...perhaps i'll just use that for twist outs and straw sets and such). Does anybody have any suggestions for a good (natural) every day moisturizer that defines coils?


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    Welcome and congratulations on your recent BC. When I first went natural, I went out and bought CD's Hair Milk and Healthy Hair Butter. For some reason, my scalp didn't like the Hair Milk (I would end up with itchy scalp.) The Healthy Hair Butter was okay, but I found products that worked better for me.

    If you're in the market for a moisturizer, you could use some conditioner to moisturize your hair. Since you've used Oyin, I would also recommend their [buylink=]Whipped Pudding[/buylink]. It's really light, but full of moisture (it contains shea butter.) HTH.
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    Curls by Sister Smith has a Wet Set Pudding that is really good. Shine, moisture, and definition in one.

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    i really like the afro detangler. it's expensive because you have to buy a big one but that's the best moisturizer for my hair hands down.

    one piece of advice i've learned now that my hair is a bit longer...make sure you detangle and trim with some regularity. my hair has grown out well but because of neglect my ends aren't that great. i'm going to cut a few inches and get a "style" and grow it back out again.
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    You have some great advice here. I have heard great things about Oyin's [buylink=]whipped pudding[/buylink] and the afro detangler. I would aslo second moisturizing with a conditioner and then sealing the moisture in with any of the above products. For this reason, you need to do some research and find good conditioners with nourishing ingredients so that it won't damage your hair if left in. The ingredients should not be too high in protein (this can over strengthen your hair) and they should be silicone free. Make sure never to leave a deep treatment/deep conditioner in your hair as a leave-in. I would also second trimming and detangling regulargly, but most importantly detangling since you just have a twa now. A shower comb through your (wet and conditioner covered) hair once a week should be enough. Please remember that it is not so much the products that you use, but the health of your hair, which is a result of how you handle it everyday and how often you hydrate (water, conditioner, spritz).

    With that said, I would highly, highly recommend the Qhemet Biologics products if you have dry tightly coiled hair (4a and 4b). These products work very well and the only complaint I have ever seen is that it can be too heavy for some people's hair. They have two creams, one for regular hair (Amla olive) and one for finer hair if you worry about product heaviness (Burck Root). I have the Amla olive and I mix it with my conditioner and use that as a leave-in all week long. I only have to apply it once a week and my hair remains soft. I never felt the softness of my texture until 6 months after I bc'd when I started using the Qhemet. The good thing about the heaviness is that it makes it concentrated so you can mix it with other products and it lasts longer. One jar is $16 and you can order online or pick up at select stores. I pick mine up locally in downtown Chicago.
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    I second the Qhemet for moisture but not definition. You can buy sample sizes. I'm definitely in the camp that layers conditioners and butters for moisturizing, then ends with a gel for hold, but the beauty of a TWA is that you don't need to worry about hold because you don't have length, so moisture is key. also offers samples of different brands.
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    Thanks everybody for the advice :)