I am going to shave my head!!!!!!

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Hello everybody,
Im sure you all are probably guessing that i am fed up with my hair and i just want it gone. But this is not the case....I really want a change that could go amazingly well or terribly wrong. I am about 95% natural, but now its about 80% because i decided to get a bunch of weaves and used way too much heat. I just want to empower myself by doing something that could symbolize a "cleansing" or a purge of my obsession. But, i will be 18 when i graduate in may, 2010 soooooo i reallly want to mark this occasion with a tattoo! On my head!!!! awesome right? :wav:

Most likely two stargazer lilies with a bouquet like that in the middle a lot smaller obviously, and on the mid center back of my head......hopefully you guys don't find me insane. And Believe there will be pictures, sooo many pictures. So, what do you guys think? :dontknow:


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    Double check about whether or not your hair will grow back after the tattoo. I've heard a lot of horror stories/urban legends about the hair follicle being damaged after a tattoo and hair in a certain area never grew back, the color coming out wrong and post-tattoo care being a pain.

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    I'm confused...you have a weave now and want to take out the weave and shave your natural hair and then tatoo your head?

    I know a couple guys with that style but they don't try to grow their hair after the tat. They usually keep their head shaved to show off the tat. Whould you want to grow your hair again?

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