Help!! Curly Thick Hair!!

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Okay, I have 3b hair and I recently got it cut a little below my shoulders. It looked great at first but now I really dont know what to do with it!! I have a lot of hair and very thick so when I use a styling product I have to use a huge amount because if I dont then there will be parts curly and other parts frizzy. I tried putting it into a ponytail for school but toward the end it just looks a huge puffball. lol. =D
So I need hairstyle ideas for my hair and a styling product that really defines curls, makes them shine, and that weighs down my hair a bit.
I would really appreciate you guys help. =D



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    idk if ur CG (cause im not), but u can try a leave-in conditioner followed by a curl cream (like redken or sunsilk) and then (if u need it) a gel.
    Hair type: 2c - 3b!! o and its thick =]]

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    I use Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious in my hair, and I also have really thick hair, and it works great.
    Curly, Wurly Hair.... And LOVING IT!!

    in need of product ideas...
    using: Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious! (love it!!!)
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    1 word:


    i love gel.

    i wouldnt recommend ANY mousse, becuz that doesnt weigh curls down very well...well, not mine, at least! it makes them swingy and bouncy.

    when i just used gel (and alot of it--i got a BUNCH of hair), it really weighed down my curls. but however it is when its wet, thats how its gonna be when it dries. so make sure you have your style EXACTLY how you want it before you leave the house.

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    (Johnson&Johnson No More Tears Shampoo when need help with build-up), Suave Naturals condish, leave some in, LaBella Gel, then out the door!

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    HI! ok im not to sure on the hair styles cause i myself am not good with hair styles. But some hair products i ues are kinkey curl curlying custard and kinkey curl knot to day leave in condtioner. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! it shapes my curls and dosent frizz out! i have thick hair and im a 3c/4a and it works wonders on me!! you can buy it online!

    Hope i helped!
    CLAIRE <3
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    I, like swimgal29 use kinky curly nd have 3c and a little bit of 4a hair. [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] ([buylink=]kinky curly curling custard[/buylink]) really does define curls but it takes you a while to master how much to actually put in. If i put in to little it turns into an afro but if i put in to much it becomes really flakey which is really gross! :D Ive been using it for about a month and im still not perfect at it. My hair is probabaly about chin length when curly and i'm 13. Im also very athletic and do a sprt every season so its kind of hard to always pull my hair back but try it Im sure it will help. and if you add gel ur curls are kind of crunchy but VERY defined. Hope that helps!!!
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