how much should Giovanni and AO cost?

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How much should giovanni TTTT and leave in cost at at a store?
what about AOHR?


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    My Giovanni cost about 6.99 or 7.99 at Wegmans. I can't remember exactly. The Aubrey I think goes for 9.99 or 10.99 at Wegmans. I know it's more than the Giovanni.
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    If you can buy it on-line you can find some really good deals. they even have a $5 discount for 1st time customers. discount code: CAR231 (thanks to Kinky Rhonnie for that) is good for vitamins/supplements they also carry Giovanni.

    The trick is to get other stuff to avoid shipping costs or cut them down significantly. I just placed an iherb order and got some things that normally I would pay at least $2-$3 more for each item at my local Health Food store. iherb has Aubrey, EO, Giovanni, Shikai and more it is not a good place for PJ's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then again it could be a PJ's heaven too:lol:
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    I think has AO and Giovanni and their shipping is 4.99 no matter what you buy.
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    $8-10 for either at a health food store in Eastern Canada.
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    Some of us just found out that you can buy LITER size Giovannni's in selected Marshall's and TJMaxx. It's a hit or miss type thing.. some stores carry all their products, some don't.
    I paid 12.99 + tax for a liter size 50/50.
    No shipping! ;)


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    The Whole Foods in my area has Giovanni on sale for $5.99 sometimes. AO is regularly $9.99 but I can't remember what it is on sale (doesn't go on sale much). Once Bristol farms had all AO products on sale for 50% off and they're $9.99 regular price there too so that's $5!! They were out of stock both times I went in for some conditioner and I didn't try back again.
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