Is It Safe To Comb Curly Hair In The Shower While CONDITIONER Is In It! CG Method !??

BeautyCurlyBeautyCurly Registered Users Posts: 9
Is It Safe To Comb Curly Hair In The Shower While CONDITIONER Is In It CG Method !?? <3?

I Finger Comb My Curly Hair While Conditioner is in it ! Just Like The Curly Girl Method Is It Safe ! Is It Gonna Cause My Hair Falling ?!:lol:



  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Registered Users Posts: 214
    Nope. Curly hair is supposed to be combed in the shower while conditioner is in it. You're good!
  • smo6767smo6767 Registered Users Posts: 409
    I do the same thing, and I agree- you're safe.
  • CantFightCurlsCantFightCurls Registered Users Posts: 88
    You always comb your hair in the shower with a wide tooth comb if your a curly girl! And always condition! Good job your doing it correctly
    ~Meena :happy10:

    I cant fight my curls
    I cant control my curls
    I really just let them roll free
    What else can i do? :dontknow:

    ~I have curly curly 3c hair w/ some 4a up in little corners!
    ~I'm have a love affair with the Ojon Line and faithfully use Garnier Fructis Spray Gel.
    ~I love all my kinks, coils, and curls even when I wanna rip them out! :cwm21:
    ~Trying to gorw out to BSL, any tips? Drop a mesage! :toothy10:

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