Should I "BC"?

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I have been transitioning for a year now this month. Even though it's been a year, I don't feel like my hair has grown as much as others here. My regrowth is to my ears (6 inches?) and the rest is to my collar bone. My hair is stringy, frizzy, and damaged. I have a hair appointment on Saturday. I'm not sure if I should just trim it for now and let it get longer, or have it cut into a cute bob. If I cut it shorter, I would still have some relaxed ends, but I would think it would be healthier right? What should I do?? :)


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    Well it really depends if length is an issue for you. I've had short hair for a long time bkuz of the relaxer bt its not so bad once you find out what looks good.I say if your gonna be comfortable with short hair do it! It will be so much healthier and you''ll feel a lot better. Jus dont forget about shrinkage!
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    Hi Rock!

    My last chemical treatment (a tex) was Aug 20. I'm almost 6 months into transitioning. I have no plans to BC. Short hair is not for me.

    I think you really need to understand if you can handle the short look. If your hair is really badly damaged you may want to cut some of the realxed ends and get a product like Ms Jessie's to help reduce shrinage.

    But remember no matter what you decide its still WAY better than using chemicals:lol:
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    My hair is stringy, frizzy, and damaged.
    How attractive can that be? I would cut off the relaxed ends and let the new growth free.
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    My appointment got moved from this past weekend to this Saturday. I think I have decided to go short. I agree with everyone. What is long hair if it is unhealthy?! Thanks :)

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