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Im going NUTS today! I want to side swipe the idiots on the road who think its OK to not use a blinker, I want to toss the loud passengers out of my terminal, I want to punk slap the jerk who keeps parking his overcompensating SUV in the NO PARKING spot right infront of MY parking spot, I want to head butt my co-worker who keeps asking stupid questions. Man...Im gonna need to figure out a way to knock this does one stop being irritable?

(yes- Im PMSing; no- I dont think its an excuse)

Any golden hints to help a girl out? I do actually want to make it through the week without killing anyone...
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    My only "tool" is to imagine the worse circumstances. The driver tailgating me is going to visit his dying mother. The dumb-sh*t that cut in line is getting his house foreclosed, etc.

    I had a woman at Starbucks today that grabbed my drink from the barista, took a huge swig and proclaimed loudly... "this isn't a caramel machiatto!". Well thank you Captain Obvious, I was in line BEFORE you. In her defense, she has run into an old friend, was catching up and very distracted. But dangit, she got her drink and I was standing there for another 10 minutes.

    People (including me) don't mean to be stupid and rude, they just are sometimes.
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    Maybe your blood sugar's low or something. Go eat a cookie. :dontknow: Cookies always solve my problems.
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    I think the first major step is in recognizing what's going on and recognizing that I am, well, overreacting. I say that in all sympathy, as just two days ago, I was PMSing something awful. I was all over the place in my reactions, but DH did get the worst of it. I knew I was in a pi$$er of a mood (excuse my French!) but didn't recognize the "why" because my period was early this month. Once I knew why, I was able to calm down and think twice before reacting.
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    A big thing for me is recognizing, like KurlyKae, why I'm being a bitca. Either it's PMS or some other kind of physical problem, usually, for me. After that, it's about remembering that I hold myself to a certain standard of behavior, and not everyone does that, and not everyone can be as awesome as me. Sounds arrogant, but it helps. I put a lot of effort into not retaliating when I feel like someone's being an ar se.
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    Thanks ladies! It does make sense to rationalize it...

    When I got off work, a stupid Prius was actually parked IN my spot!! I was FURIOUS, and to top it off, it was backed in...who the HELL backs into a parking spot...its stupid, either way you have to actually use the reverse lever and back your vehicle, either in or out of the spot...makes NO sense to me. So I took a picture of the plate to report to the complex and left a nice note simply saying that their vehicle was reported to the office. My boyfreind came over and we watched American Wereworlf in London (the old one, not the new one!) and I went to bed. I feel much better today ;)

    ~no I didnt actually report the vehicle, it just pissed me off a bit so I had to do SOMETHING, right?? haha

    Damn, I just hate feeling like I have no control over my emotions! Im way past puberty, shouldnt this be kinda taken care of by now??LOL
    "Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"