SICK of flat ironing!

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okay, this has become a year long saga of trying to figure out how to get my hair straight instead of just a frizzy mess. ive tried sodium relaxers with very little to show for it. i just tried a thio relaxer (one n only curl remover), and it straightened a little, but mostly just made a frizzy mess. i have a mix of 3b and c hair, and im at my whit's end. i get horrible split ends from ironing, and it takes HOURS. ive had it curly my whole life before this awful hair year, and i just want a fun short haircut with straight hair. if anyone has any suggestions, please please help!
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    It's been a minute since I've flat ironed for this very reason lol. Today I spent an extensive amount of time searching for info about curlformers and the flexirods.

    I have yet to try it, but maybe using either of these to set your hair (with no heat or with a blow dryer) overnight and then just lightly (and probably quickly) flat iron for a more smooth look will help.

    Sorry I'm not the biggest help, but I'm probably going to try this idea myself :)

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    I have no experience with any kind of chemical thermo straigtening treatments, so don't know how that would work for you.
    However, I am wearing my hair straight and I relax. I have naturally 4A/3C hair and relax it, so it seems like 3B when unstyled. Even with a relaxer there is no way to get my hair straight without heat and tension styling. I can get it lank and frizzy, but not straight.:cheese: IOW, there is no way to transform your texture into wash n' wear straight.

    The most important way to avoid puffy hair when straightening is to not flat iron until the hair is completely dry. Even the tiniest bit of water left in the hair works against straightening, and adds to the damage. It also helps to set while drying, so you don't have to do as much with the iron once dry. Also wrapping it up at night in a silky (not cotton!) scarf is crucial. I even use a roller and paper on my ends (end-papers are my friend), so even if there are split ends they aren't very noticeable. I try not to use heat on my hair other than when I'm straightening it (after washing, once a week), unless I absolutely have to.
    My hair is shoulder length, so depending on how short you go, you may not need rollers and papers, just a scarf.

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