Please help this gilr with dried out curls!!

Hi i had really nice curls until i put the flat iron to it every week for the past winter months...:confused5: :cry: i know i know what was i thinking... now my hair is a ball of mess my curls arent curls anymore... they are just there dried... well my question is.. what kind of shampoo should i use what conditioner.. can some one recommend a GOOD deep conditioner.. also how can i have my curls last for days as oppose to 5 hours... im in desperate need to get my curls back to normal... i have type 3b.. with major frizz... can someone recommend a serum i can use daily... also im going for a cut because lets face it... my hair is dried out and dead.... and also a good gel.. Please i greatly appreciate all support :toothy6:


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    After your cut...treat it very gently. Deep conditioning treatments a couple of times a week, then back off to weekly or monthly as it improves.

    Check out the threads for various non-sulfate shampoos, cone-free conditioners, keep the heat away as much as possibel.
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    Thank you... i ordered [buylink=]DevaCurl low-poo[/buylink] and Deva-curl Conditioner.... now i need a really good deep conditioning...Any suggestions
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    You can also use the Deva OneC as a DT. Has how on the label. Also search these threads as there are tons of DT recipes floating around. I'm liking coconut milk, baby food bananas, 1tbls olive oil, and 1/2 tbls honey all pureed together then heated up a bit and poured on. Cover with a plastic cap and maybe a hot towel to keep the heat in. Leave it on for about an hour then I rinse, co-wash, and condish. It's been giving me really soft hair. There is also a thread on here about a coconut chocolate milk mix that I'm gonna try this week.
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