KBB hair milk or super silky?

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I have used and fallen in love with the hair milk, and still have a bottle left from my last purchase months ago., but was wondering what the difference is between the 2 products?

While I love the hair milk I can't use it every day as it makes my hair just too soft and was wondering if super silky was any different.

Because of the international cost ( I'm in the UK) and the exchange rate I want to think carefully before I order again, I don't know whether to order one of each. or just go with the super silky?

Can anyone who has used both, just briefly tell me what the difference is like between these two?
thanks :love5:
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    I use all 3 of her conditioners. The milk is the heaviest and I use that as a rinse out. The nectar and super silky are quite a bit lighter than the milk with the ss being the lightest.

    Super silky may be the way to go. If it turns out to light you could mix a tiny bit of milk with it.
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    Thanks for the reply, so far I use the milk under my Blended beauty stylers and while it's nice I do think it can be heavy at times so hearing that the super silky is lighter sounds good to me.

    I think I'll order the Super Silky, thanks :smile:
    Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c
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    I've tried both and think that both are very nice products. Like you, I don't use the KBB hair milk every time: maybe every other time. Right now, I alternate KBB milk with Giovanni DLI or with Donna Marie detangler. But if I had some KBB SS on hand I would use that in my rotation as well. I had a sample at one point and thought it was a very nice product. I agree that it if was too light you could mix a little milk in with it - just make sure you get them both in the same scent.

    The KBB SS is more expensive then the GDLI, so I will probably just keep using the GDLI for now.

    I haven't tried the KBB nectar yet, even though I have a sample of it; I'm waiting until summer humidity returns to use all my glyercin products.
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    I love using the KBB milk as a leave-in!
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