What should I use to straighten? (pictures included)

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Hi, I'm a caucasian male who happens to have very wiry curly hair. I was thinking about straightening it somehow, but I really don't know how to go about it. This is how my hair looks normally:

For a while I experimented for with the no shampoo method, which does make my hair look better after a day or two:
But then if I keep on doing it after a week or so it just goes back to looking like it did in the first picture, if not worse. It's probably not that obvious because of the glare in the first shot, but when i use shampoo my hair is very stiff and frizzy (a good example is when somebody likened my hair to steel wool.)

So if anybody here knows a way that someone with my hair type could achieve straight, normal hair (or soft and curly hair like in the second shot), please tell me. I've considered getting a relaxer, but I don't know what would work on my hair type.


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    Hi Jared,

    I am Caribbean woman of Afro decent and I've used relaxers in the past. I would not recommend them. A relaxer works by breaking down your curl pattern. You can end up with damaged hair, scalp burns and even hair loss!:happy4:

    If you would like to try the straight look I would recommend going to a salon and asking a stylist to 'flat iron' your hair. This is not permanant and you can 'rock' your curls when you need to.

    Best of luck!
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    Why not try using a brush and a hairdryer.....this usually works for guys.....I'm not sure using a flat iron would work, though they now have the little ones for very short hair!
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    Instead of going full CG, why not just maybe go 2 days, wash, 2 days wash? You said it was working for short periods of time? When I was CG, I had the same problem. My hair would look great for about 2 weeks, then would look greasy and feel gross. So I would go CG for 2 weeks, then wash it with a sulfate shampoo and then start over again. I'd say invest in conditioner and a good gel. I swear by BioSilk Rock Hard Gellee. This stuff is humidity proof and a little goes a very long way and it stretches out my curl to make it look looser. Plus it doesn't have a strong fragrance, so you won't have to go around smelling like a flower or fruit :laughing7:.
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