My first insult - and I don't care! :o)

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This weekend my dad made a snide remark about my hair. The poor man has faught his hair his whole life (my great-grandmother was the only "American Indian" I've ever seen with an afro- lol) so I know he is just extra sencitive about hair. Anyway we were working outside and he told me I needed to "do something" with my hair. LOL! It was really curly and frizzy. It is 90* here already and we were working outside. I just laughed at him and told him I have big, frizzy, wavey hair. It doesn't bother my hubby so it souldn't bother him. I ended up with telling him I think it's cute when his hair gets all frizzy too. (His nick name is GQ if that tells you anything about his preaning - LOL)

My son has my hair that has a much looser wave than dad's, and he HATES that I leave it wavey and messy on top. I told him all the boys are leaving thier hair curly around here and he's 8 now and starting to worry about that stuff. He's so cute with his hair all sticking up.

Anyway that is the ifrst time I havn't run for the blowdrier and straitening iron after something like that. Yeah, me!!



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    Good work! I bet your attitude will start changing your Dad's.
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    Good for you!!! I bet your Dad will rethink how he feels about his hair too.
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    I remember the first time I ever really got offended. I mean people always said I had big hair, but all my friends love my hair : ) Anyway I was staying with a friend in New York and she had someone over that I had never met. Within an hour of meeting her she said why don't you strainghten your hair. I've heard that a lot but it really ticked me off because I didn't even know her and she didn't stop there. I laughed and said honey guys like it. IT'S TRUE TOO LADIES LOL. I got hit on a lot more with my big fat curly hair lovin it!!




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    Too funny! Good for you on standing your ground. The worst comments, IMO are the "if I didn't straighten my hair, it would look like yours" with a total look of disgust. Rude!!!

    Men do seem to have issues with the curly/wavy hair :) My brother has wavy, really thick, really coarse hair. All thru school his nickname was "Steel Wool" and eventually just "Wool" or "Woo" because his hair felt/feels like steel wool pads. I'm glad mine isn't like his I have to say. It would be impossible to do anything with long I think. I'm talking NO softness at ALL.
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    :lol: that is soo funny! my brother would insult me by callin me cramer, from that show. because my hair used 2 b a lil like that when i was younger, but not nemore. lol
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    farzana wrote:
    :lol: that is soo funny! my brother would insult me by callin me cramer, from that show. because my hair used 2 b a lil like that when i was younger, but not nemore. lol

    Hehe! That's funny too! :D

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