'Wet dog hair'

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Okay, so this guy I really don't like and try to avoid, mostly because he gets me soo mad, insulted my hair. We disagree often - we ended arguing for twenty minutes about politics when I should have been doing bookwork, he's a idiot, he says dumb things to get attention....urgh, total idiot. And I know it sounds like I like him and am in denial, but I seriously just want to stay far away from this guy.

So, I straightened my hair and he tells me that I look weird. I give him a dirty look and he elaborates - apparently, it's too shiny, it looks wet, hey like a wet dog. At this point I am full out glaring, trying to set him on fire with my mind. I wish I was witty and clever and could have said something to put him in his place.

Grr. I'm really lucky, in that most people like my curly hair, but no one has ever told me my straight hair looks bad. Sorry for the novel, I just really wanted to rant.
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    I've met people like this before. If you want to turn the tables on him and be the one who is making him sooo mad, next time he says something that is incorrect, be it politics or hair, look him directly in the eyes, smile sweetly and say "You are wrong. You have never been more wrong." His expression will be priceless.:eek: Now if he is a regular idiot, that will be the end of it. If he is a super duper idiot and tries to explain how right he is, just say "wrong" every chance you get, until he goes away.
    Good luck.
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    Wet dog?

    Did you get fido to help you groom today? Or was it the Alpo rinse? Eh, just ignore him. Your hair is gorgeous straight or curly (better curly)!

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    heh...heh...the ignore advice came a bit too late....I kinda totally blew up at him...But he called my hair greasy! Ugh. My roots are just shiny because my black hair is growing in, and my highlights don't shine...NOT GREASY.

    Okay, from now on, I will do my best to ignore..oh, and thanks for the compliment Speckla =]
    made up of 98.822% silliness!!


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